RT37 Euromeeting 2019

Dear Tablers,

We will kindly welcome you to the Round Table 37 Euromeeting 2019 in Eindhoven! We will host you with our typical Dutch hospitality and show you around the city and its beautiful surroundings.


Eindhoven, the ‘city of light’, in the south of the Netherlands, is one of the smartest regions of the world. Home of Dutch Design, PSV soccer club and of course Round Table 37! There are excellent connections via air, rail and highway to all participating countries. We have our own airport, railway station and excellent bike lanes.


It will take place from June 7th till 10th 2019.


Price: € 375 per person for the whole event, based on home hosting.


We try to arrange home hosting for all guests, but beware: first come, first serve!
If you would like to stay in a hotel we could recommend Hotel Parkzicht.

More info:

For more information please send us an e-mail at: info@rt37.nl

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Registered guests (up till 18-01-2019)

Marc Hamma (Ravensburg – 1p)
Maximilian Aust (Ravensburg – 1P)
Nikolaus Ivanovas (Ravensburg – 1p)
Rard Bongers (Eindhoven – 2p)
Danny Martens (Eindhoven – 2p)
Roy Bertholet (Eindhoven – 2p)
Noè Livio Zanotta (Avenches – 1p)
Jeroen Gielen (Eindhoven – 1p)
Tobias Wenk (Ravensburg – 1p)
Harm Knoops (Eindhoven – 2p)
Michael Edtmayer (Vienna – 2p)
Cees Dekkers (Eindhoven – 2p)
Paul “Yster” Mare (Cradock – 1p)
Harland Willard (Cradock – 1p)
Jack Adam (Cradock – 1p)
Bas Beelen (Eindhoven – 2p)
Ben Vlasich (Vienna – 1p)
Georg Gaudernak (Vienna – 1p)
Christian Derler (Vienna – 1p)
Allard van Veelen (Eindhoven – 1p)
Philip Pauser (Vienna – 1p)
Kalle Husso (Savonlinna – 1p)
Darren Bradley (Lewes – 1 or 2p)
Pierre Cuany (Avenches – 1p)
Ivar Jakobsen (BØDØ – 1p)
Robert van Boldrik (Eindhoven -2p)
Antoine Houtart (Gembloux – 2p)
Daan Flach (Eindhoven – 2p)
Julien Bessard (Avenches – 1p)
Florian Schindele (Revensburg – 2p)
Florian Schmid (Ravensburg – 2p)
Cédric Bapst (Avenches – 1p)
Johannes Ofner (Vienna – 1p)